The digital insurance for your most important moments

At Embea, simplicity is the priority. We offer you effective protection at fair prices, without the usual paperwork.


Protection Against All Types of Cancer

Our insurance protects you financially in the event of cancer. We offer comprehensive protection against all types of cancer.

Protection Against Critical Illnesses

Our insurance offers financial protection against the three most common, critical illnesses: Cancer, stroke and heart attack.

Generate a new stream of revenue

Our unique insurance products are designed for seamless integration with your existing products and services.

Why Embea?

Easy to understand

Insurance without the frills. We focus on what really matters. We avoid small print and complicated technical language.

100% digital process

Our insurance can be taken out completely online. You'll receive your confirmation after a few minutes, and be insured immediately.

Fast payout

Embea works completely digitally and relies on a high level of automation. So in the event of an emergency, you'll receive your money as quickly as possible.