One platform.
Endless capabilities.

Quick start with an out-of-the-box PartnerFlow™ application or deep integration via PartnerSync™ - the choice is yours.

Your personal distribution channel with no development and implementation costs.

PartnerFlow™ drives quick & tangible business results for our partners, sparking their desire for deeper integration.

Verified products

Simple and uncomplicated insurance products ready to use.

Light customization

Make your service truly unique to customers.

Frictionless user experience

Flawless performance on any device from desktops and tablets to mobile devices.


Flexible customization and intelligent data usage

PartnerSync™ ensures secure data exchange and a seamless experience between Embea and its partners.

Deep integration toolkit

Easily integrate our API into your existing systems, streamlining operations and reducing manual effort.

Smooth experience

Offer your customers a seamless and convenient user experience with real-time processing and automation.

Unmatched convenience

Enjoy additional Policy Management features using the full potential of the EmbeaCore™ platform.

Powered by EmbeaCore™

The heart and the engine of the modern insurance operations.

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