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Our unique insurance products are designed for seamless, embedded integration with your existing products and services.

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Earn up to 480 € additional revenue per customer with Embea
New revenues

Increase your revenues and boost profitability.

Added value

Make your service more valuable to your customers.

Cost-free partnership

Embea does not charge setup or subscription fees.

Embea is a seamless fit

Enhance your product offering with our custom-fit insurance solutions

Financial service companies

Fintechs, banks, neo-banks, investment and wealth management services, mortgage providers and other financial services.

Health & lifestyle services

Telemedicine, fitness, nutrition programmes, mental health support, and other health-related services.

How does it work?

Start selling our products in minutes with our PartnerFlow solution.



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Customize your offering

Choose from our range of products, and customize the appearance to match your look and feel.


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Get access to your PartnerFlow app and start generating additional revenues immediately.

Need further customization?

Integrate our product into your environment with a custom APIs and your own UI

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Our insurance products

We create simple insurance products that are very quick to understand for your customers
Embea Illness Protect

Pays a lump sum to a policyholder who is diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer.

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Embea Life Protect

Pays a lump sum to the beneficiaries of a policyholder in case of their death.

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coming soon
Embea Accident Protect

Provides financial relief in case of  accidents.

Our Services

Focus on your clients while we take care of everything else

Pricing & Underwriting
Integration Solutions
Insurance Product Development
Data, Analysis & Reports
Payments & Accounting
Claims Management
Customer Care

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