Embea Illness Protect
Starting from €9.99 / month

Financial protection from the top three diseases

Providing peace of mind and financial security for your customers’ loved ones.

Why is it essential?

Every year, thousands of  families are affected by serious diseases like cancer. And the financial impact of a critical illness exceeds the typical public and private insurance coverage.
Loss of Income

Some patients are unable to work or prefer to take leave

Alternative Treatments

Many patients opt for additional, alternative treatments

Psychological Support

Mental health counselling can aid the healing process

German families go bankrupt within 3 months of losing the sole earner’s income.

Who needs critical illness insurance?

Full-time workers
Sole earners
Single parents
Small business owners

How does it work?

“Embea Illness Protect offers financial support beyond treatment costs covered by my health insurance. When the worst case happens, it allows me to focus on my recovery and spend time with my children without financial worry.”

— Sara, 37, Single Mother

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